Race day plans

Your nutrition strategy on race day can either make or break your performance on the day. Get it right and you could have a race feeling strong from start to finish. If your nutrition is not quite right however, it could be a very different story. Poor race day nutrition and hydration can be the cause of discomfort during a race (think stomach cramps, 'hitting the wall' and the like) and could even result in a DNF.


What do you get?

Your plan will include a description of what to eat and how to fuel, along the course of the race. It will indicate an hourly target for fuel and fluids for the expected race conditions and based on your personal goals. You will be given all the details you need to work out drop bag contents and support crew instructions where appropriate.

A 30 minute consultation is included to go through your plan and answer any questions you might have.

Ready to get started?

1. Purchase the appropriate Race Day Plan below

2. Complete this questionnaire

3. Email your completed questionnaire to sophie@diethealthfitness.com.au

Once your questionnaire and payment have been received I can get started on your plan will be in touch to arrange a time for your consultation. 

RDP - one day $160

RDP - multi day $195

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